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CCTNY - City Crisis Team of New York
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In the confusion and pain following a disaster CCTNY City Crisis team of NY is available to help you & your community plan how to address its economic, physical and emotional needs. We are also available to work hand in hand with your professional organizations to implement these plans.

Using both the NOVA (National Organization of Victims Assistance) and the ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) models the CCTNY crisis response team provides assistance in:


Pre-Incident Education and Preparation:

-          Professional Training

-          Psycho Education

-          Community Response Planning



-          Work with community/organizational leadership to plan ways to deal with the emotional aftershocks of a disaster.

-          Bringing together the communities caregivers, as identified by the community, and conduct crisis response training.

-          Providing debriefing, defusing, demobilization sessions, staff consultations, crisis management briefing, Individual Crisis Intervention, family support, post-incident education, follow-up and referral, as appropriate, for everyone effected by the tragedy.


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Who We Are

CCTNY City Crisis Team of NY is comprised of volunteer EMTs, psychotherapists, police officers, ministers, educators and representatives of many other professions who are trained in both the NOVA and ICISF models.  Both NOVA and ICISF are not-for-profit organizations that specialize in responding to both man-made and natural disasters. All our intervention team members have received at least 40 hours of training in the assigned service model as well as a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education per year.

City Crisis Team of New York (CCTNY)
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